&nbsp To Purchase a Fast Food Olympics Coloring Book all you need to do is . . . .

  1. Print the Order form (Below)
  2. Fill out the order form
  3. Send $2.75 (per book) and the order form to 3327 Nevada Ave. Costa Mesa CA 92626 addressed to Fast Food Olympics(you have to buy your stamp)

Your coloring book will be delivered in at least 2 days and at most 2 week!

Copy and paste this onto a word document then print.

Coloring Book Order Form

First Name:


(So we can send you the book)

How many Books do you want?(circle 1)

1 $2.75

2 $5.50

3 $8.25

4 $11.00

5 $13.75

Please enclose in your envelope the amount of money that corresponds with the amount of coloring books you want.


All of us at the Fast Food Olympics