Big mac

A gelicious burger with 3 buns and 2 patties!!!!!!plus lotsa lettus and cheese!

YO dog (I'm obsessed with randy jackson) I like to eat fudge pops .I like the color noen green and i love coucapuddles:)

If you have any questions for me. .

  1. go to the questions page
  2. click the orange edit button
  3. scroll down to the bottom of the page where no one has posted yet
  4. type a question like. . .


Q: To- Abby apple Fri

What is your favorite food?

. . .And i would answer back. . .

A: Spagettii

. . . right under your question!

P.S. I will NOT answer any personal or, inapropriate questions that should not concern you in any way OR any questions I fell I should not answer because I am compelled not to.